What services do we provide?

For our clients we offer Executive Search services to select top and middle level executives, search for candidates for the Management Boards of companies and organizations, and perform a management audit - a very important step that we recommend to undertake before starting systematic Executive Search.

Executive Search and Selection

Our process consists of 5 stages. The process includes the use of psychometric tools, that are highly recommended for the evaluation of potential candidates. For this purpose, we use unique Saville Consulting Wave® testing methodology.

Management audit

The purpose of the audit is to assist shareholders and CEOs in defining the company's strategic needs for human resources and, in the context of the company’s strategy, to assess whether the current management team is best suited to ensure its implementation.
We identify experience requirements and personality traits needed for each particular situation and proceed with:
evaluation one or more executives;
discuss the assessment results together with shareholders and CEOs.
In many cases, the audit becomes the first step of Executive Search process. It serves as an objective evaluation of the company's situation, which helps comprehensively assess requirements for an ideal candidate and form common agreement on outcome of Executive Search with the client.

Daugeliu atvejų, valdymo auditas tampa pirmuoju žingsniu pradedant sisteminę vadovų paiešką. Tai objektyvus žvilgsnis į įmonės situaciją, padedantis visapusiškai įsivertinti vadovo paieškai keliamus reikalavimus ir sutarti, koks rezultatas yra optimalus klientui.

Formation of the Management Board

We help companies to form effective Management Boards by finding professionals with extensive experience in high level management positions, strong track record and know - how in solving complex problems and excellent knowledge of corporate governance.

We use professional contacts established over many years to find the most suitable candidates in Lithuania and the world. Depending on the situation, we turn to our Partners abroad and work out solutions on an international scale.

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