Need an effective executive?

We know where, how and whom to look for.

Need an effective executive?

We know where, how and whom to look for.

The latest technologies, ever-accelerating changes, generational gap in the workplace, coupled with the challenges of globalization determine that tasks for managers become increasingly complex, the area of responsibilities is expanding, and the deadlines are getting tighter.

Our knowledge, tools and methodologies complimented with a wide network of professional connections ensure that after conducting the management audit, we present our client with the most suitable candidate and form highly effective Management Board.

What services do we provide?

For our clients we offer Executive Search services to select top and middle level executives, search for candidates for the Management Boards of companies and organizations, and perform a management audit - a very important step that we recommend to undertake before starting systematic Executive Search.

Executive Search and Selection

Our process consists of 5 stages. The process includes the use of psychometric tools, that are highly recommended for the evaluation of potential candidates. For this purpose, we use the unique Saville Consulting Wave® testing methodology.

Management audit

The purpose of the audit is to assist shareholders and CEOs in defining the company's strategic needs for human resources and, in the context of the company’s strategy, to assess whether the current management team is best suited to ensure its implementation.
We identify experience requirements and personality traits needed for each particular situation and proceed with:
evaluation of one or more executives;
discuss the assessment results together with shareholders and CEOs.
In many cases, the audit becomes the first step of Executive Search process. It serves as an objective evaluation of the company's situation, which helps comprehensively assess requirements for an ideal candidate and form common agreement on the outcome of Executive Search with the client.

Formation of the Management Board

We help companies to form effective Management Boards by finding professionals with extensive experience in high level management positions, track record and know - how in solving complex problems and excellent knowledge of corporate governance.

We use professional contacts established over many years to find the most suitable candidates in Lithuania and the world. Depending on the situation, we turn to our Partners abroad and work out solutions on an international scale.

How we find and evaluate executives

Our Executive Search process is organized in 5 stages. It includes evaluation of potential candidates using unique Saville Consulting Wave® testing tools, developed by psychology Professor Peter Saville. Currently Saville Consulting Wave® methodology is successfully applied in 80 countries and is adopted by such companies as Vodafone, KPMG, AstraZeneca, AIG, Carlsberg and others.

Analysis stage
We carefully delve into the client's unique situation and business environment. We provide insights and discuss how our suggested solutions will solve the challenges faced by the client's business. Together with the client we agree on the result we are aiming for and the criteria that will be used to evaluate the success of the search.
Search phase
Our consistently cultivated extensive network of professional contacts in Lithuania and abroad allows us to effectively search for candidates who best meet the client's expectations. We closely cooperate with Lithuanian professionals currently holding significant positions abroad. Additionally, we cooperate with members of the Friisberg & Partners International network in other markets worldwide.
Evaluation stage
During the candidates’ evaluation stage, we use modern on-line Saville Consulting Wave® testing tools and combine them with an in-depth interviews conducted by our consultants. In this way we receive the most accurate picture of the candidate - not only his/her current abilities and skills, but also the candidate's talents, potential to take on greater responsibility and the environment in which the candidate could best realize himself and achieve the most outstanding results. With great respons
Presentation stage
We provide the client with detailed confidential reports on the evaluated candidates. We do not present candidates that we do not believe to be the best match for the client, even if these candidates are desired and highly respected professionals in the market.
Candidate integration monitoring stage
After the client hires a candidate, we continue advising both the client and the candidate for a half a year period. This is done to facilitate the smoothest possible start of the former candidate in the new role. In the long term, we continue keeping in touch with the client and feel we have done our job well when the client states that the candidate is successful, and the candidate confirms the decision to take new opportunity was the right thing to do following his/her personal career aspirat